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Custom Building

If you’re thinking of building a new home, check us out. Not only are we competitive in price, but very organized; from the start, to turning the key over to you at the finish. We’ve built homes for retired couples; such as Lloyd and Ellen, to young couples; such as Al and Melissa to relocating families with children; such as Kyle and Janet and many other customers young and old over the years. If you choose from our wide range of floor plans or you have your own, we can build it for you.

Many of our custom homes are derived from homes we’ve built in the past or from the variety of spec homes that we’ve built. Want something a little more unique? Not finding the right floor plan, layout you are looking for? Not a problem, we would be happy to refer you to Builders FirstSource drafting department.

Need a lot? We can assist in that area as well. We also coordinate the purchase, closing and financing for the construction loan when building your dream home!

Pricing your new home starts with knowing where your lot will be located; a city, or rural property. The next step is to complete the specifications list. This list helps to determine the most accurate price for you once we know exactly what you are looking for in your new home. Once the price has been agreed upon, plans have been approved and your financing is a go, signing the construction contract is the final step before construction begins. At this stage we will give you a list of subcontractors you will need to contact. This is where you starting picking out your flooring, lights, brick etc. Our subcontractors/suppliers are very helpful in making sure you will stay within your budget. We pride ourselves on knowing our allowances are always a fair or above average amount. Knowing this, you are able to get what you want in your home.

Building a home takes approximately 90 days more or less, unless you have chosen a substantially larger home or you make numerous changes. During the construction process we supply you with a chain of events… this way you know what’s going to happen and when. We encourage our customers to visit the job site daily and talk to the subcontractors. Ask questions, if something doesn’t look right or you just don’t understand what is happening, call our office with your concerns. Don’t hesitate to ask a dumb question….they are easier to handle than a dumb mistake!

Want to find out more about us? Feel free to contact any of our subcontractors or suppliers. We pride ourselves on building a QUALITY home at a competitive price. We have superb relationships with all of our subcontractors and suppliers. Give us a call and let Province Builders build your new home.