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Bay Area Services

Province Builders & Realty Inc. has been using Bay Area Services Inc. as our heating contractor on our new construction homes since 2001.

Bay Area Services, Inc. uses Trane furnaces in all of our new homes. The furnace is an upgraded model, not a “builder model”. Bay Area uses 26 gauge sheet metal which is a heavier gauge than the 28 to 30 gauge most other heating contractors use. Heavier grade metal in heat ducting helps prevent duct noise when walking through your home. They also use a better grade galvanized metal. The trunk line and heat ducts are sized and designed for each individual home. Because of the location of the furnace and/or where ducts are located from the furnace, it is important that air flow is set up to make sure heat gets to the room it is intended to heat.

There are many things that can affect the heat distribution, efficiency and comfort. Static resistance, adjusting gas pressure (having the correct temperature), design of trunk line and ductwork are things Bay Area Service’s technicians are trained directly from Trane to do.

These are a few things to consider when you are buying a new home. The trained technicians and quality service provided by Bay Area Services, from knowing how to set up each furnace, to the warranty you receive from Trane manufacturer’s warranty.

These are just a few items pointed out on heating your home. To learn more about the heating system, feel free to contact Bay Area Services directly (920) 435-7111 or visit their website; www.bayareaservice.com

Carter Trucking & Excavating Inc.

Province Builders & Realty Inc. has been using Carter Trucking & Excavating Inc. as our excavating and foundation contractor since 1995.

Carter Trucking & Excavating Inc, started in 1968 is a family run business. The foundation part of the business began in 1988. Their longevity in business is one reason why we use Carter Trucking & Excavating. Because of their experience, Province Builders can be assured that the proper drainage is obtained for our new homes. Due to their vast knowledge of other contractors in the business, they have unlimited resources for obtaining or removal of fill, which in turn helps us to keep our costs down. Another important aspect of their company is they also coordinate the installation of sewer, water and storm sewer laterals. This again helps us to keep our costs competitive as this is one less subcontractor we have to coordinate on a job site.

Because they also do the foundations, Province Builders & Realty knows that when a foundation is excavated, their foundation crew follows right behind. With the foundation completed they also do the backfilling in a timely manner and careful fashion as any damage done to the foundation would ultimately be their responsibility covered under their warranty.

Carter Trucking & Excavating is always looking to the future in ways to improve their products to give our home owners a sound trouble free home. One example is being a leader in the area using control joints in their foundations. Due to the expansion of concrete, it can crack and could develop a leak. Carter Trucking & Excavating foundations division implements these joints into their foundations, allowing for a more controlled crack. Then sealing the controlled crack to prevent any leaking.

Considering the knowledge, stability and progressiveness of Carter Trucking & Excavating Inc., you can see why Province Builders has maintained that relationship since 1995.

Thorne Plumbing

Province Builders & Realty Inc. has been using Thorne Plumbing for all our new construction plumbing since 1995.

Thorne Plumbing consistently provides quality work and always on time. The products and service they provide meet our expectations for a great plumber. Consistent in our homes:

  • Delta faucets for all bathroom and kitchen sinks (made in the USA)
  • Warm Rain tubs and showers
  • Rheem 40 gal. water heater
  • Mansfield bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Shutoffs on all sinks
  • Two outside faucets
  • Dayton Elite stainless steel kitchen sink (this is an upgrade from a standard stainless steel sink)
  • Rough-ins in basement for future bathroom
  • Laundry tub in our 1st floor laundry
  • COPPER water piping
  • Sealed sump pit, vented outside

Thorne Plumbing has always done exceptional work for us. We know they will always be prompt when scheduling a new home. Put their expertise and quality products to work for you.

Monty Young Electric

Province Builders & Realty uses Monty Young Electric as our electrician on our new construction homes since 1995.

Monty Young installs a 200 amp service on all our homes which is what most new homes have. Here is a list of items that are standard in our homes compared to others that do not.

  • Separate circuit to the garage with 5 to 8 outlets
  • Switch and fan rated box in living room ceiling for a future ceiling fan.
  • Switch and separate wire for future ceiling fan in master bedroom
  • 3 cable/TV jacks, 2 in the living room and 1 in the master bedroom
  • Exhaust fan/light combination in main bathroom
  • Switched outlet on our decorative plant shelf
  • 4 recessed lights and kitchen sink light
  • Carbon monoxide/smoke detector in hallway
  • Switch and light by garage service door and door going out laundry room
  • 6 circuits to the kitchen; dishwasher, disposal, refrigerator, 2 on countertops and kitchen lighting
  • Split circuit in living room so top ½ outlet is on switch for plugging in lamps

Monty Young takes pride in knowing your home is safe and no worries from circuit overload. After, all he has been doing this for 26 years. Put Monty’s experience and knowledge to work. Contact him for more information on how to correctly “wire” your home. (920) 655-0321 or yelectric@yahoo.com

Builders FirstSource

Builders FirstSource (formerly Pro-Build) is our supplier of framing lumber, interior trim and doors, windows and exterior doors. They have been our supplier since 1995.

Before any materials are delivered to our home building sites, more importantly it starts with their drafting department. Builders FirstSource design team draft’s the plans for us and does an excellent job. They are professionals, always up to date on all new building codes from the local municipalities to the State of Wisconsin. Their plans are very detailed so that any subcontractor will know what is going where. Their attention to detail assures our customers they also can have the confidence of knowing what they are getting. We know the professionalism of Builders FirstSource drafting department assures us any Building Inspector knows our homes are constructed to meet all codes as well.

Our standards….. are above what most competitors don’t do.

  • ¾” Black Edge oriented stran board. More dense and stronger, less warpage and swelling, contains weep holes for better drainage (if it rains or snows during construction, any water will drain into the basement) and less need to sand floors. We do sand our floors after the home is plastered. It helps remove any plaster chunks and any uneven areas through out the floors. We also vacuum the entire home as to keep it clean for the painter.
  • Sheetrock the garage wall common with house with 7/16” oriented stran board. This makes for a stronger and warmer wall.
  • Cathedral ceilings incorporating decorative plant ledges. Plant ledges are finished with wood versus just plastering.
  • Windows have ¾” solid wood jambs either oak or maple. Competitors may just plaster return or use particle board wrapped jambs.
  • Our porches have vinyl or metal porch posts (standard is usually 3).
  • Select Maple interior doors (less splices, better quality and better stain color match).
  • Trim inside all closets
  • Exterior door off laundry room.
  • Thurma Tru quality doors used on all exterior doors.
  • ½” Oriented strand board roof sheeting (some competitors use 7/16” or 15/32”).
  • Ice water shield on roofs (prevents leaking where ice may build up)
  • 2”x6” bearing wall in basement when possible
  • LVL header above 16’ overhead garage door. This prevents sagging
  • Schlage Life Time Warranty locksets

We are very satisfied with the quality of Builders FirstSource products. Their prompt delivery and pick up service is second to none. Put their products and expertise on your want list.

Gajeski Finishing LLC

Province Builders & Realty Inc. has been using Gajeski Finishing as our finishing contractor since 2014.

Gajeski Finishing has been doing finishing carpentry, ranging from small ranches to large custom homes. His foresight in new ideas is a huge asset. His experience includes:

  • Intricate stair and railing systems.
  • Installing wide base and trim.
  • Crown molding
  • Wood tongue and grooved ceilings
  • Installed every kind of interior door; from flush doors to maple swinging doors to pocket doors.
  • Closet shelving with unlimited ideas and layouts.

With this vast experience and knowledge, Gajeski Finishing is another valued subcontractor for Province Builders & Realty Inc.